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Manufacture & Supply of Nestboxes
for Australian Wildlife


Image showing wire hanging system supplied with nestbox

Prior to installation, select a suitable location. For most bird and mammal species, this should be at an appropriate height and should face between East and South. Avoid Westerly facing installations as the afternoon sun can make the interior of the box too hot.

Bats prefer a North to North West orientation since they require some warmth prior to leaving in the evening to feed.

If you are not confident in installing at height, please seek professional advice. Your local arborist / tree surgeon is a good start and can generally help.

Once a location is selected, simply place the box in the required location and wrap the supplied wire around the tree, ensuring the plastic tree protector is in place. Pass the free end of the wire through the loop on the other end, pull snug and then wrap a couple of times around the wire to secure it. The loops in the wire allow the tree to grow and will take up slack over the years.

Painting your box

There is no need to paint your box if you don't wish to. The materials we use in the manufacture of the box are designed primarily for commercial installation where the box must last at least 10 years with minimal maintenance, however the box will last longer if coated using a suitable paint.

DO NOT use any oils or mineral based paints. The smells from the paint will make the box uninhabitable for a long while.

A water based fence type paint is ideal. These are available from your local hardware store. Follow the instructions on the packaging. Normally 2-3 coats initially followed by a coat every few years will extend the useful life of the box by many years.

Possum in your roof?

If you have a possum in your roof or eaves and you would like to make a new home for it outside your house, please check with local and state regulations first.

Further information and helpful hints for relocation of possums in NSW is available via this link >> How do I get a possum out of my roof?